ASTRA Cloud Solutions

The ASTRA Suite of Tools was designed around a powerful network based architecture and has offered, what is now being called “Cloud” support, for years.


Expanding on ASTRA’s Network Based Architecture

The ASTRA Suite of Tools was designed around a powerful network based architecture and has offered, what is now being called “Cloud” support, for years.

What is Cloud Support?

Different vendors define what they mean by Cloud support based on what capability they offer.  Aveco’s definition of the cloud is simply the separation of content from the technology that broadcasts that content.  This results in simplified workflows, better utilization of broadcast technology, and lower costs using standard IT technology.

Advantages of the Cloud

By using the Cloud-enabled ASTRA tools with ASTRA’s Media Asset Management, user’s workflows for complex media distribution models are greatly simplified.  Users can focus on what they want to play (the content) and how and where they want to play it (the playlist).  ASTRA controls the networking and the broadcast equipment that makes it happen.

The underlying workflow engine, the metadata in the MAM, and the network topology of the system automatically plays the right content at the right locations frame accurately.


Example – Broadcast Service Provider

There are many companies that want to run TV channels but do not want to get involved with technology. They need to use services of a Broadcast Service Provider (BSP).

These BSPs provide the ASTRA user interface via the Cloud to their customers and maintain the ASTRA system and the broadcast infrastructure which is hidden from the user.

The customers use the ASTRA GUI at their location to upload and manage their content and their playlists. The BSP broadcasts the content and returns back as run logs documenting what went on air.  This simplified workflow allows the TV network executives to broadcast a channel as a service without worrying about the underlying technology.

The ASTRA Cloud solution at a BSP can be used by many customers, each having secure access to their content and programming of their TV channels.  ASTRA’s security system isolates each customer’s content, playlists and as run logs from others.


Example – Regionalization of Content

Regional ad and news insertion can take advantage of the Cloud.  A traditional example of regional support is to generate the playlist for each site and broadcast it from a central hub where all the content and broadcast equipment resides. 

Using the Cloud, the content could be anywhere on the network (local or remote) and the broadcast equipment could also be local or remotely located in the region.  ASTRA will manage the content, load the playlist and broadcast the main program from one set of equipment and the regional ads or news from another set of equipment.  The key is the operator does not need to know anything about the technology being used or where the content is stored; ASTRA manages the complexities of the underlying technology.

Example – Distribution of Workflow

Another example is breaking up the workflow between different locations.  Some Aveco customers have ingest/QA/Archive at one location while the playout of content via many different channels is at different locations.  Once content is registered in ASTRA MAM, the workflow engine in conjunction with the playlist manages the distribution and playout of the content.

Not limited to master control multi-location operation, Aveco provides cloud-based production automation in multiple locations, with both MCR and PCR operation in the same integrated system. This is unprecedented. Centralcasting can grow, along with local-and-regional news operation, both with improved productivity, greater reliability and both can combine discreet device control as well as in-a-box control. No other company in the industry has this range of capabilities. Discuss with Aveco how our innovations can serve your broadcast news and master control applications.






Key Features

  • ASTRA Suite of Tools Cloud Enabled Modules
    • ASTRA News
    • ASTRA Ingest
  • Typical Applications
    • Broadcast Service Providers
    • Regional ad insertion
    • Regional news
    • Centralcasting
    • Remote ingest sites
    • Disaster recovery sites
  • Benefits
    • Simplified Workflows
    • Better Utilization of Capital
    • Flexible media
    • Higher revenues with regional Ads