August 2011

IBC 2011 – ASTRA Introduces more powerful tools for news broadcasts and studio productions and adds Disaster Recovery and Backup solutions

IBC 2011 logoAt IBC this year we will be introducing new solutions for your file-based, analog-based or hybrid workflow. Demonstrations of our new and innovated ASTRA Studio 2 will be shown with a new multi-platform user interface for even more productivity.  We are also introducing new solutions for Disaster Recovery and Backup sites. Our product specialists and system engineers will be on-hand to discuss ways to solve your most pressing problems.


The following products will be on display this year;

  • ASTRA Suite of Tools
    • ASTRA Ingest
    • ASTRA News
    • NEW ASTRA Studio 2
  • See ASTRA new multi-platform user interface running on Windows, Apple, Linix
  • Comprehensive demo of the new Studio 2
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup solutions
  • Talk to the experts about your most complex problems


See us at IBC 2011 in Hall 3 – 3.B56



New ASTRA Studio 2

New Astra Studio 2Building on the experience gained from ASTRA Studio, we are now in the process of installing Studio 2 at a major broadcaster in Germany. 

Studio 2 offers multiple levels of studio automation, from simple automation-assisted manual production to a single operator mode—where one person can control a live newscast or program. It includes new journalist tools that makes it easier to develop stories and provides journalists more control of how a story goes to air. A new Preproduction Mode for recording and editing a live show for later broadcast enables a quick and simple way to replace segments or correct simple errors.

A key advantage of Studio 2 over competitive products is its lower initial investment cost.  Studio 2 works with existing infrastructures and broadcast equipment. Customers are not tied to a specific vendor’s hardware or workflow. With Studio 2, customers are free to pick the equipment best suited to their needs.

New journalist tools give journalists additional options. They can work exactly as they do today to develop a story and let the producer determines how it goes to air. Or with Studio 2’s new features, journalists themselves can direct how the story goes to air. This does not require any additional knowledge or work on the journalist’s part—just a simple drag and drop of a pre-programmed template from Studio 2’s library.  From that point on, everything is automated.

A new Preproduction Mode is used to record and edit a live show before being broadcast. A new feature, Intelligent Splicing, makes it easy to replace a section of the show at a point where it will look seamless—avoiding splicing during a transition or fade, high audio levels, or other points that would distract the viewer. The show is then automatically assembled and registered as being ready for broadcast.



Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) Selects Aveco’s ASTRA News and ASTRA MCR for Playout and ASTRA CMS for Content Management

ERTU logoThe ERTU installed two ASTRA Content Management and Automation systems at two separate sites: Studio 5 and Newsroom for news production and playout.  The ASTRA CMS Content Management System manages eight production control rooms for ingest, transcoding, and file transfers within the facility and between the two sites.

Newsroom is ERTU's main production facility and is based on Quantel production and playout servers. A distributed ASTRA Orbiter system manages over 80 Quantel channels in eight production control rooms to develop content for playout and distribution.

ASTRA provides a Media Asset Management layer above Quantel for ingest, redundant playout, file import/export, transcoding, archive control and media exchange. Tight integration of content and metadata between ASTRA and Quantel is achieved through the native Quantel CORBA interface enabling metadata exchange between ASTRA and Quantel databases as well as the importing of clips from agencies such as Reuters, EBU, and APTN with full metadata preservation. ASTRA News receives the rundown from ENPS to automate the playout of content to multiple sites such as Nile International, Nile News, and Nile TV.

Studio 5 uses ASTRA Ingest to ingest video and other media files. ASTRA MCR and ASTRA News are used to playout “Nile News,” a 24 hour news channel, from EVS video servers. Production is done on a number of Apple Final Cut Pro systems using placeholders from ASTRA News.

Both sites are integrated with ASTRA components and are able to exchange media as well as control commands via a high-speed Internet connection. ASTRA CMS moves clips between Quantel production systems and EVS playout video servers, automatically transcoding the Quantel AVCi 50 format into Apple Pro-Res format for playout on their EVS systems.

Each site has full redundancy with mirrored ASTRA servers. Additional layers of redundancy are achieved via mirrored playout channels with automatic failover.

“We are very happy for the opportunity to deliver to ERTU the best of breed Aveco CMS and MAM solution. We have customized it to the ERTU needs and understand this as the start of a long term relationship where Aveco will provide support as well as adapt ASTRA to meet the evolutions of the ERTU workflows and technologies.” Said Pavel Potuzak, Managing Director of Aveco.

“We consider ERTU as an important reference site in the crossing of Middle East and Africa”.

Press Release:  AVECO_PR_ERTU_Egypt_110802.pdf


Columbia’s Canal Capital On-Air with Aveco’s ASTRA Suite of Tools for Playout and Media Asset Management

Canal Capital logoColumbia’s Canal Capital is on the air with Aveco’s ASTRA Suite of Tools. Canal Capital's main channel—also known as Canal Capital—is using ASTRA Master Control Room (MCR) automation and ASTRA Content Management System (CMS) to provide a complete playout and content management system.

Canal Capital chose Aveco for the project based on Aveco's reputation for on-air reliability and its commitment to ongoing support and development of its ASTRA system.

 “We know Aveco continues to invest in developing new products and new features for its existing products," said Wbeimar Torres Hurtado, Technical Area Coordinator of Canal Capital. "Aveco’s 19 years in this market gives us peace of mind that they will be around to support our installation and grow with us in the years to come. ASTRA’s rock solid reliability and excellent support to keep us on-air was one of the key reason for selecting Aveco.”

NYL Electronica served as the turn-key systems integrator for the project. They designed and installed the ASTRA solution integrated with Omneon servers, Miranda switchers, and an Nvision router. Canal Capital’s environment is typical of many stations who are moving to a tapeless environment as it includes both tape-based and file-based workflows. ASTRA seamlessly integrates both workflows to facilitate a cost-effective transition to an eventual all tapeless operation.

 “We have delivered several installations with Aveco and are always impressed with their level of professionalism and experience," said Roman Becerra, General Manager of NYL Electronica. "We feel confident that any project we do with Aveco will be delivered on-time and within budget.”

The ASTRA system controls all of Canal Capital's existing infrastructure including automated control of their Miranda switcher’s built-in graphic capabilities for a pristine on-air look. ASTRA also ensure on-air continuity by synchronizing content on mirrored Omneon servers and automatically switching to the mirrored source in case of a primary source failure.

ASTRA CMS provides a powerful and cost-effective media asset management system for all media management tasks at the facility. This includes both file and tape ingest, integration with Final Cut Pro NLEs, file transfers, content purging, and metadata management for the full lifecycle of all their material.

Canal Capital is Aveco’s third installation in Colombia which includes TeleCafe and RTVC.



Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions

ASTRA multisiteAveco offers a variety of Disaster Recovery and Backup solutions.  Several are on air today and we have recently sold a large comprehensive solution for installation in Q4 this year.  This solution will offer frame accurate playlist synchronization between two sites including real-time changes in the playlist.


ASTRA’s architecture is designed to be location independent meaning multiple systems at multiple sites can be designed as one large cohesive system. This enables users to view all content from all sites in one database search operation.  This architecture is ideal for a backup site or a Disaster Recover site.  It is designed such that each location runs the identical playlist frame accurately.  When a change is made to the main site’s playlist, those changes are immediately reflected at the remote site by downloading the new playlist and files if needed.  This keeps both sites 100% in sync.  The DR site can be designed with its own studio so emergency bulletins are broadcast keeping the public well informed.


In case of an operational failure at the main site, control is passed to the backup or DR site to start broadcasting the exact same content as the main site at the exact same time.

Please see: ASTRA_Multisite_TRS-1010.pdf


New Datasheets, Application Notes and White Papers

To help you understand all that ASTRA and Aveco can do for you, we have embarked on beefing up our collateral so you can better understand all that we have to offer.  If you are a current customer, these application notes will help you use your products more efficiency.  



New Application Notes & Data Sheets:

See what is available


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