April 2012

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What's New for NAB 2012

At NAB 2012 this year Aveco will introduce new Disaster Recovery and Regional Ad Insertion solutions for broadcasters, new standalone Media Asset management products and major upgrades to the current family of products including the well-received ASTRA Studio 2 for complete studio automation.

These products and the rest of the ASTRA Suite of Tools will be on display this year at NAB 2012, booth N2138.

Come talk to our key engineers and system designers about your toughest problems and see the latest in Media Asset Management and Automation tools.

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Aveco celebrates 20th anniversary. Join us for a party

Twenty years in this business is a long time and in these 20 years, technology has advanced at a pace never seen before resulting in massive changes in how broadcasters run their business. Few vendors have survived these changes, let along doing so under the same management. Aveco has not only survived but has helped lead our industry through these changes with the tools they need for file based workflows. Aveco has helped our customers move from analog to digital, provided automation tools for Master Control, Newsroom and Studio operators and improved the quality and reliability of their on-air signal while lowering their operating costs. Aveco continues to grow and develop innovate products to help our customers through the next 20 years of changes.

To celebrate, come join us in Las Vegas on Tuesday April 17 from 6-10 pm for good food, drinks and music. Stop by the booth (N2138) for details.



Tomas Kriz joins Aveco Sales Team supporting the European Region

Tomas joins Aveco from Anect after 5 years as Country Service Manager where he was responsible for service delivery to Central Europe and East Europe's regions. Originally from SGI (Silicon Graphics), he has extensive knowledge of the broadcast industry requirements, the local markets and the latest advancements in broadcast technology.

Moving from Brno, he is now based in Prague, Czech Republic at Aveco World Headquarters, Tomas is responsible for expanding sales in the European region. He will be working with our customers, dealers and system integrators for new opportunities. As Aveco grows, his extensive business experience will help improve Aveco's internal procedures and corporate standards.


New at NAB - Standalone Media Asset Management Tools

To address new markets, Aveco has unbundled its powerful media asset management tools used with its automation system into a family of generic applications that run as standalone solutions (SAS). The first of these products; SAS CMS and SAS Archive will be shown at NAB.

SAS CMS is a multi-site Content Management System that provides a cost-effective solution for managing all of the media content within a facility, regardless of the storage devices used or how the content was ingested. It works as a standalone application along side with other vendor's automation systems.

SAS Archive is a standalone application that adds the ability to save and restore content from tape- or disk-based archive systems. When used in combination with SAS CMS, users have a very powerful MAM system that is often a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcast MAM solutions available today.

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ASTRA Studio 2 Roadshow

ASTRA Studio 2 was introduced and shown at IBC 2011 last September. Since then it has been installed at SWR, Germany, where the staff is now being trained.

In March, Aveco engineers and our German dealer Logic Media Solutions received tremendous reviews when they went on a fourteen day road show throughout Germany putting on seminars for all major broadcasters in seven different cities. Customers saw this as the next generation of Studio Automation with capabilities that are not available in today's competitive products. Studio 2 was shown with a Sony switcher, Omneon video server, Octopus NRCS, and VizRT graphics but can run with many other vendor's switchers, servers, NRCS and graphics systems.

ASTRA Studio 2 will be on display at NAB 2012.

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Regional Ad Insertion

As the broadcast industry consolidates and moves to lower cost infrastructures such as CentralCasting with hub and spoke architectures, it becomes more difficult to deliver target commercials to individual regions. An easy way to increase advertising revenues is to be able to target commercials to individual regions from a central hub that may control many different and geographically diverse stations.

Aveco's Regional Ad Insertion solution enables the broadcaster's main facility to distribute unique playlists to each station. It can combine national ads and network promos with regional ads and station promos - all under control of one operator using ASTRA MCR.

Aveco has teamed up with Thomson Video Networks and their Sapphire Videoserver for a comprehensive solution. Learn more and see this solution in action at NAB in the Thomson Video Networks Booth SU3012.

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Disaster Recovery Solutions

While Aveco is known for some of the most reliable products available in our industry, some things are beyond our control to prevent - until now. Disasters can range from simple human errors to natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornados to the unthinkable terrorist act.

The cost of going dark is expensive both in terms of dollars and reputation plus TV is still what people look to first for the latest in information. Aveco has solutions that keep you on air for all types of disasters and at a price you can afford.

At NAB 2012, we will demonstrate a simple, cost-effective solution for your needs. Our experts will be available to explain different solutions and capabilities that are within your budget.

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