August 2010

New at IBC 2010

Aveco will be attending our 13th IBC exposition this September. Come visit us in Hall 3 at 3.B56 to see our new look, exciting new products and meet Aveco’s key personnel.
On display will be the Astra Suite of Tools with several new features and capabilities. Aveco’s system engineers will be available to show how Astra can solve your most complex problems and adapt to your specific workflow.
Being presented for the first time will be Astra 4 NUE, a new user interface concept for the Astra Suite of Tools.
Aveco Beer Party
Join us after the show on Sunday from 6 pm to 8 pm for drinks and snacks. Relax with the Aveco team and have a bottle of the famous Aveco beer.


Astra 4 NUE — New User Experience

Astra 4 New User Experience is a new front end to the Astra Suite of Tools that will provide users with a quicker and simpler way to take advantage of all the power of Astra. "We started with a clean sheet of paper and are coming up with a new user interface that will take our customers into the 21st century. We kept what works well today and added many new features to make customers more productive" says Pavel Potuzak, President of Aveco.

Users will have more control and flexibility in managing their workflows. Astra 4 NUE was designed in consultation with customers to make Astra’s interface even easier to use and quicker to learn. The biggest improvement however is providing operators with more control to directly customize their interface and automate complex tasks. The ability to automate tedious and repetitive tasks reduces the chance for errors and makes operators more productive.

As operators control more channels and devices they need to be able to see more information at one time. All monitors of a client station create one virtual desktop. Each user can toggle between four virtual desktops. Virtual desktops can be user configured, optimized to their jobs, saved and recalled anytime.

Another feature that users requested was support for Apple, Linux and Windows systems for their user interface platform while keeping the QNX RTOS at the core running all the Astra tools and controlling all the broadcast devices.
Key Features

  • Virtual Control Desktops – Enables users to view and manage the masive amount of data required in today’s multi-channel playout systems. Configure multiple screens to display all the information required to avoid mistakes or problems before they occur. Use multiple virtual desktops to do multiple jobs at the same time.
  • Personalized Interfaces – Configure user interfaces to your specific tasks and save them. Select from saved setups when you move from one job to another.
  • Multi-platform Operation – Astra 4 NUE will run on Apple, Linux and Windows based systems to easily integrate into your existing infrastructure.
  • Multimedia Enabled – Users can now display Keyframes for clips, listen to the audio and browse the video from within the Astra display screen.


Roger Crooks – New VP Sales and Marketing

Roger comes to us from Grass Valley after 16 years as Marketing Manager for the Video Server product line. He has extensive knowledge of the industry, presented papers and seminars at venues around the world and has written numerous application notes and white papers. His articles and papers have been published in many trade magazines including The SMPTE Journal, TV Technology and Broadcast and Engineering.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Roger is responsible for expanding sales in the US and Canada. He will be working with Customers, Dealers and System Integrators for new opportunities. In addition, he is helping with rebranding Aveco’s product line and developing new collateral, data sheets and white papers.

Come meet him at the booth.

He can be reached at +1-503-616-0923 or at


Telefonica Expanding from 32 to 68 channels

ASTRA allows for cost effective, large scale growth and easy management

Telefonica del Peru is on-air with ASTRA MCR to provide un-attended ad-insertion for 32 cable channels in Lurin. By the end of this year, an additional 36 channels will be installed at a separate location 40 miles away in the city of Higuereta.

ASTRA CMS will seamlessly move media between the two playout sites with Higuereta becoming the Ingest point for both locations.
The ability to easily add additional channels, operate in a multi-site environment and centralize specific operations such as Ingest was a key reason why Telefonica picked Astra. Telefonica is well positioned with Astra for future expansions.

The ASTRA architecture is perfect for Telefonica as it allows for cost effective, large scale growth and easy management for a large number of channels. It is also designed for multi-site operations such that remote sites can be controlled locally or remotely.


Televisa expanding with Aveco

We deliver on our promise

Located in Mexico City, Televisa is a $4 billion multimedia conglomerate and the largest media company in the Spanish speaking world. Their most concentrated per channel revenue stream, Televisa Canales, has been on-air with Astra since 2007. And in 2010, we completed an upgrade to Astra’s latest generation servers to add control of more devices with more behind the scenes automation.

"Our sales team correctly promises a system that will be reliable and ready to change when a customer’s needs change. Every year Televisa’s demands challenge us to meet the promise of reliability and flexibility. And every year we deliver on that promise." Says Lukas Kotek, Projects Manager.

Televisa Canales is an excellent example of a multi-site tapeless workflow operation. Televisa relies on one Astra system at three locations to Ingest and Playout their 4 flagship SD TV and corresponding 4 HD TV channels along with other secondary channels that support over 80 regional TV stations throughout Mexico.


Jamuna TV, Dhaka, Bangladesh Automates with Astra Suite of Tools

Products that work

Jamuna TV is the latest broadcaster to take advantage of the entire Astra Suite of Tools as they launched their brand new 24 hour News channel based on a fully tapeless workflow.
With Astra CMS as their Content Management System, Astra MCR for programming, Astra News for live events and late breaking news they get tremendous efficiencies through the tight integration of all functions on one platform: Astra.

They were able to save money through the use of existing equipment because of Astra’s large library of supported devices. Operational costs were saved by being able to run the operation with minimal staff because of Astra’s automation features for their entire workflow.

Jamuna TV is a prime example that no location is too remote or too difficult for Aveco to deliver a large, complex installation. It is proof that Aveco’s reputation for delivering products that work is well deserved.


ARD Picks Aveco Again for Major HD Expansion

Aveco was chosen again

ARD, Germany’s group of public broadcasters partnered with Aveco back in 2004 for one of Aveco’s first multichannel systems with sophisticated ad insertion synchronization among the channels . The ARD national channel is broadcast in 9 regions, each with localized commercials for effective advertising. Astra MCR manages playout in all 9 regions, with common programming and local ads with synchronized playlists.

When it came to expand and add HD support, Aveco was chosen again over all the competition in a highly contested tender.

Now ARD broadcasts SD and HD playout in parallel in all regions with a completely mirrored Astra solution.