May 2011

NAB 2011 – A Major Milestone for Aveco

At this year’s NAB, we introduced a significant rebranding of our product line along with a new company image to help initiate our expansion into the US and Canadian markets. In Aveco’s first NAB Press Conference, Roger Crooks (VP Marketing & Sales) explained the product offerings and strengths while Pavel Potuzak (Managing Director) talked about our company philosophy and why this is a good time to enter the US/Canadian markets ( 

Our guests included Edgar E. Gallegos, Title from Televisa,—one of Aveco’s largest accounts—talking about their extensive use of ASTRA for playout of all their channels in SD and HD, as well as Jim Maury, COO from Prime Image, talking about our partnership and combined product offerings.

The booth was designed with our new corporate look; a clean white and red scheme.  This motif is used throughout all our new literature and our new website at

Aveco’s NAB2011 booth with the new corporate motif. 


ASTRA Suite of Tools

People are amazed when we talk to them about all the capabilities Aveco offers.  The product line is so broad, that it has been difficult to tie everything together and explain all that ASTRA can offer.  To address that, we have grouped all of our solutions together under the ASTRA Suite of Tools brand name.  Divided into five core areas, each area represents a number of tools that automate part of a File-Based Workflow.

 ASTRA Suite of Tools

ASTRA Content Management

Our key message at NAB was that Aveco is not just about TV Automation, but that we offer a powerful and comprehensive Content Management system (ASTRA CMS) for facility wide asset management.  ASTRA CMS is at the core of the ASTRA Suite of Tools and provides tight integration between all applications throughout the workflow.

While many vendors provide some asset management capability, they generally only know about the assets they created, ingested, or directly control.  We refer to this as a vertical asset management. 

The advantage that ASTRA CMS offers is that it is more of a horizontal asset management system that can manage assets in all areas of the workflow—from production to playout and archive regardless of how assets were created or are
controlled.  This is accomplished through the integration of metadata between ASTRA CMS and all of the other systems in the facility.  Customers can now use ASTRA CMS as their central viewpoint for all assets in the facility and can automate file transfers, transcoding, repurposing of content, and archiving via userdefined rules.

ASTRA CMS provides a Broadcast Facility one of the industry’s most
cost effective and powerful Content Management and Automation system.

Multisite Control

Another key capability ASTRA offers that is difficult for many competitive systems is extensive multisite capabilities.  This is critical in today’s environment as organizations are looking for ways to reduce costs while offering more features. 
Acquisitions and consolidations are forcing our customers to look for new ways to manage their business.  ASTRA supports a variety of models from simple remote control sites to full Disaster Recovery sites.  A popular configuration is the centralcast model, in which all ingest, QA, archiving, planning, and distribution is the responsibility of the “Hub.”  The Hub then distributes content and playlists to remote sites for playout and regional ad insertion.


ASTRA supports a variety of multisite configurations.


Applied Electronics – Aveco's Canadian Distributor

Applied Electronics is Canada’s leader in Broadcast, Post Production, and Presentation Technology sales and installation.  Applied now represents Aveco’s full product line for sales, systems design, integration, after-sale service, and technical support. 

“We went to IBC last year looking for a fully featured content management and automation solution for our customers," said Paul Stechly, President of Applied Electronics.  "Aveco has a tremendous reputation for reliability and functionality around the world.  They offer a very cost-effective and scalable solution for file-based workflows that our customers are looking for,” said Stechly.

We are excited to be one of Applied Electronics preferred suppliers for automation solutions for the Canadian market.  Their technical expertise and extensive resources will open up doors for Aveco solutions that we otherwise could not address.


Dynamic Ad Insertion with Prime Image’s Time Tailor Time Reduction System

“You can generate new revenue by removing content and adding commercials or just by adding commercials”

Aveco and Prime Image have teamed up to do just that; generate new revenue without cutting content.  Operators can add new commercials dynamically during playout without impacting the viewer experience.  The Time Tailor from Prime Image is well established in production for time reducing programs but decisions have to be made early in the workflow. 

Aveco integrated Time Tailor with ASTRA MCR automation to create a new way for broadcasters to generate additional revenue.  This very unique solution can add millions of dollars to a station’s income with an investment whose ROI can be measured in months and often in a matter of weeks or less.


New ads can be added by the operator at any time during playout without impacting the viewer experience resulting in millions of dollars of additional revenue throughout the year.


New Website and Collateral

With all the new products, positioning, and markets for which Aveco offers solutions, it was time to revamp the website.  Now it is easy to understand our message and products in a clean and easy to navigate website. 


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