May 2012

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  • NAB 2012 Wrap-Up


    It was a busy days at NAB 2012 this year. A steady stream of traffic kept everyone busy. Of special interest this year was Studio 2 and SAS MAM tools.


  • Aveco´s 20th anniversary NAB party


    Over 100 customers, partners and dealers spent a relaxing evening with the Aveco team.


NAB 2012 Wrap-Up

It was a busy 4 days at NAB 2012 this year. A steady stream of traffic kept everyone at full speed. Attendance was up from last year and many customers commented that the plans that have been on hold are now getting the funds to proceed. We saw good international attendance and met lots of new potential customers.





Studio 2 - The Studio 2 demo enabled people unfamiliar with studio automation to better understand the benefits of lower costs and higher production values that can be achieved. For those who have checked out the competition and understand studio automation, they had the opportunity to go into much greater detail - often spending over an hour reviewing all the features. Everyone cmmented that it had the features they were looking for and in many cases, offered more than the competition.



SAS Tools - For those looking at how to manage all their media assets including assets at remote sites, the SAS Family of tools was of great interest. SAS CMS is a MAM that you can start with to inventory all your assets in all your storage devices (regardless of hardware vendor) including videoservers, NASs, SANs, production, NLE, etc. Then you can add a rules-based workflow engine to move and process content based on user-defined rules. Browse and archive can be added as needed to round out your MAM. This cost-effective, incremental approach to media asset management appealed to many people who are getting started or have had bad experiences with expensive and complex MAM tools.


Media Asset Management for Harmonic´s MediaGrid - SAS CMS was first shown on Harmonic´s MediaGrid for as cost-effective solution for managing assets. Content was moved between different storage devices in the booth (MediaGrid, Harmonic´s MediaDeck videoserver and a Grass Valley K2 videoserver). SAS CMS can add MAM capability to other storage devices such as NAS, SANs, production storage devices, archives, and videoservers.


Disaster Recovery Solutions - One editor commented that Aveco was the only vendor talking about Disaster Recovery at the show this year. Many customers appreciated the opportunity to discuss various options for staying on air during an emergency.


Regional Ad Insertion - We demonstrated the abitity to broadcast a show with different commercial breaks for different regions. This was also shown in the Thomson Video Networks booth with their Sapphire server. The ASTRA tools make this an easy workflow for stations with a hub and spoke architecture to target ads for the local viewers.


Prime Image Dynamic Ad Insertion - Aveco´s unique workflow with Prime Image´s Time Tailor demonstrated how broadcasters could generate additional revenues by dynamically inserting new commercials at playtime without cutting any program content. No pre-production work is required, no quality is lost and operators can do this at any time, including while the program is running.


ASTRA Suite of Tools - All of Aveco´s main products were also on display at the show showing the latest new features including the new user interface planned for release later this year. Shown were ASTRA MCR, ASTRA News, ASTRA Browse, ASTRA Ingest and ASTRA CMS.


Aveco Support for Harmonic´s New Spectrum ChannelPort - Aveco was one of the first partners to show full integration with ASTRA MCR and the new Spectrum ChannelPort module that adds channel branding to a playout videoserver. With ASTRA MCR and ChannelPort, the cost of putting a new channel on air can be reduced.




Aveco 20th anniversary NAB Party

We celebrated with over 100 of our best customers, partners and dealers after the show on Tuesday night. Everyone relaxed with excellent Brazilian food, smooth music and good friends until after midnight.