NAB 2002

We took a part as exhibitors for the first time as a company unknown to the US market and still our booth was busy all the time. It was interesting to meet the American customers and talk about US broadcasting problems. We showed the visitors that our products are strong and mature and we have solutions available which address the range of requests from the legacy environments up to the latest trends.

We presented playout of six TV channels driven by two remote locations as an example of centralcasting approach. We displayed the network transparent solution for multiple control levels, from direct access to devices up to centralized playlist management.

OCTOPUS, our partner company presented the Octopus newsroom system in the next booth, and our automation system was distributed across the booths in the way that the Octopus automation was an integral part of the whole automation solution (and the automation was an integral part of the newsroom, too).

There were runnig two cooperating videoservers, Omneon and SGI.

Several meetings turned out to be real projects and we already approaching some tenders and bid. The future is bright, as usual.