Aveco at CCBN 2003

Aveco has worked together with the Chinese company Milestone Mediaware to setup AVECO (China) Representative Office.This business entity has started developing the partner and distribution network and this effort resulted in creating a strong partnership with Jetsen, the Chinese system integrator and broadcasting solution provider.

Aveco then displayed it's products - the automation Astra and the videoserver Redwood - at the Jetsen's booth. Jetsen kindly presented Aveco to it's customers and the feedback was very positive.

Aveco has learned about the uniqueness of the Chinese market and prepared the roadmap of adapting the products to fulfil the customers' expectations. Thanks to the flexibility of the Aveco systems and to the experience of Aveco in tailoring the solutions to ever changing requirements of the broadcasters we know that within short period of time we are ready to provide the Chinese customers a solution with both the international experience and local targeted features.