A-Medialynx, the MTV service provider in Germany, says: It works!

NetMed expands Astra automation to control of 16 TV channels

A-Medialynx is the service provider that broadcasts the MTV, VIVA and other TV channels from their facility in Berlin, Germany. Recently we expanded Astra to control total of 9 TV channels. A-Medialynx is our first customer on air with the Orbiter architecture, and the orbiters made the expansion much easier.

Astra is a trusted partner at A-Mediaynx as Markus Eicher, CTO of A-Medialynx, has said "We are running AVECO for 3 years now, with 9 channels and have had no black on air due to an automation issue or problem!".

Astra controls a large SeaChange videoserver and provides ingest, playout and media management services.