October 2015

Best of Show Award goes to... ASTRA Studio 3!TV Technology awarded the prestigious IBC Best of Show to Aveco's ASTRA Studio 3 news production automation and its innovative Production Resource Manager.

Aveco's news production automation has been designed from the start for breaking news. The Production Resource Manager pools and dynamically assigns resources, implementing operations priorities for key staff and on-air function. It revolutionizes newsroom responsiveness during major events (e.g. elections) and during breaking news. Its workflow automation component makes accomplishing complex processes easy, predictable and flexible. There's a wide range of unique news production features associated with ASTRA Studio 3 including unique integration with ASTRA master control automation and multiple MAMs and PAMs which are common in most broadcast networks and station groups.

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IBC 2015 - Aveco adds stability to the boiling media industry

There are major movements of technology transforming much of the industry. If you look at the history of trade shows, you see a revolution after revolution in technologies, turmoil of companies appearing, disappearing, merging, acquiring, as well as products popping up, being discontinued - well, you've seen it yourself.

The main role of Aveco during its more than twenty years on the market has always been to give the broadcasters a smooth transition path from the legacy to the future. The business solution is not in the individual boxes, products or technologies. It is in the way how all of them are working together. Its in the glue that manages them together in harmony - in Aveco. We at Aveco have always been learning from our customers, and coming up with great innovations across the entire broadcast chain. We have been using our expertise to help customers separate fact from fiction and hand in hand worked on evolution of their operations to adopt the latest technologies and business models.

Our customers appreciate it and stay with us. Because we stay with them.

If you were not able to attend IBC, contact us to see how we can best help you lower costs, increase revenues and improve the quality of your operations.