Redwood Lite

Redwood Lite is a simple playout-with-graphics product designed for simple master control playout applications and production playout.

Redwood Lite complements our high-end branding Redwood Play master control integrated playout and our Redwood Studio, the industry’s first Studio in a Box.  Redwood Lite features two channels of graphics and video playout with overlay, accomplishing a simple quality look at an attractive cost.

By integrating proven open source packages, Aveco is able to address the needs of the budgetary constrained market, as well as provide mixed solutions for premium broadcasters’ high end channels and niche channels, all managed with the same user interfaces, the same workflows and the same Aveco reliability.

Redwood Lite includes extensive graphics features and supports a moderate range of video codecs.  It can be used stand-alone for simpler channel and studio needs, or it can be an additional production element to a larger system. For example, Redwood Lite can serve as a CG to high-end video servers such as Harmonic, GV, SAM, Rohde & Schwarz and others.  It can serve as video playback plus graphics for on-set studio monitors and monitor walls.  It can be remotely located and centrally operated for news or ad insertion of video-plus-graphics.

Versatile and cost-effective, Aveco’s Redwood Lite serves a wide range of the industry’s simpler production and playout needs.