Redwood Studio


Redwood Studio is a revolutionary new product that can quickly and cost-effectively put a new news studio on-air.

Redwood Studio is the industry's first News Studio in a Box. It's specifically designed for the complexity of news and production studios with smaller budgets. By integrating a powerful graphics, playout, and switcher engine, combined with Aveco´s existing ASTRA Studio 2 control interface, users get functionality traditionally available only in much more expensive and complex products.

Redwood System Architecture

Redwood systems are based on a client/server architecture that overcomes the limitations of traditional "Channel in a Box" solutions. The server controls the Redwood clients and runs the system level tools.  It handles the frame-accurate automation schedule(s). Using a Sybase core, it provides media asset management. Redwood server integrates via MOS with all major newsroom systems and interfaces with NLEs, storage systems, camera robotics and other devices.

The Redwood Studio client integrates all the traditional live broadcast devices into one box. This includes media playout, production switcher, audio mixer, and graphics.

Redwood Server

The Redwood server runs system level applications, the user interface, MAM tools for both media and graphic assets and a workflow engine to automate many common day-to-day activities. It provides centralized control for multiple Redwood clients.

The server is based on QNX, a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) for robustness. This provides protection from viruses that threaten PC-based systems. Mission critical applications use RTOS rather than other commercial OSs for the ultimate reliability and robustness.

Redwood Studio Client

Together the Redwood server and client make up the "News Studio in a Box". The Redwood Studio client incorporates multiple media player channels, media storage, a production switcher/mixer with DVEs and powerful graphics in a single box.

Lower CAPEX and OPEX

The Redwood Studio client replaces many of the dedicated broadcast devices used in a studio, lowering the initial costs in building a new studio.

Redwood Studio lowers operational costs by enabling a newscast to be run with fewer technical personnel, sometimes by just one operator.





  • Complete news studio automation solution with graphics, playout, MAM, NRCS interface
  • Client Server architecture for easy expansion and reliability
  • Reduces the need for broadcast specialists and large teams
  • Optimizes file-based workflows
  • MOS interface to NRCS systems - Octopus, ENPS, OpenMedia, iNews, Gorilla and others
  • Supports open standards; Adobe Flash, HTML, XML, JavaScript etc.
  • Server is based on QNX RTOS for 24x7 on-air operations
  • Reduces CAPEX & OPEX
  • Designed for standalone studios as well as large networks of studios
  • Integrates with MCR automation
  • No added requirements on journalists

Redwood Studio Architecture

Redwood Studio Client

The Redwood Studio client integrates the functionality required to put a news show on air including a switcher, a multi-roll video player, and graphics in one box.

Graphics - Graphics are software-based which enables easy upgrades and the addition of new features. The graphics system can generate Key and Fill for 32 layers in real time. It serves as a Character Generator with countless effects and serves as a graphics player of externally created animated text and graphics. It converts live data feeds into crawls or tickers.

Switcher - Up to 8 live SDI video sources and 4 HD media players are available to the switcher to be used as dictated by the rundown and the templates. Effects can be applied to all the sources. Up to 12 channels of DVEs are provided.  The video can be scaled, rotated, cropped as desired. 

Media Playout - up to 4 HD video channels and 4 separate stereo audio channels are provided.

Storage - Media and graphic files are loaded into local storage from a central storage system or from production devices such as NLEs or graphic editors. The Redwood MAM system analyzes the rundown and identifies any media files required but not yet available on local storage.

Live Data Sources - Data from on-line sources can be fed in live for on-air updates such as weather, stock prices etc.

Multiviewer - The multiviewer can display up to 12 sources including the 8 live sources and 4 media players.

Redwood Server

The Redwood server runs all the system level applications and the user interface. A mirrored server which runs in parallel can be added to provide additional redundancy.

The operator workstations run the user interface and can be based on Windows, Linux, or Apple OS X. Multiple monitors can be configured to display only the elements needed for the user. Touch screens can also be used.

NRCS Interface - A MOS gateway interfaces to NRCS systems to download and bi-directionally update the news rundown.

Media Asset Management - the MAM system manages assets on multiple storage systems and automatically moves files to the client´s local storage as dictated by the rundown.

Story templates

Templates are a key component of Redwood Studio. Templates are associated with the stories coming from NRCS and create the technical events needed to air them.

There is no need to manually prepare the rundown in Redwood Studio for airing. Templates do it in real time as the stories come from NRCS.