Take 2 Studio Production Automation

Take 2 is the industry’s first TV production automation platform designed for studio recording.It changes the game for studio production creativity, versatility and efficiency. 

Take 2 controls all production resources including:

  • Production Switchers
  • Virtual Sets & Graphics
  • Video Servers/Audio Servers
  • Camera Robotics
  • Audio Mixers
  • Monitor Walls
  • Lighting Systems

And, it is easy! Non-linear multichannel ingest is automatically linked to the non-linear execution of the rundown. The end of the last shot means the show is ready to go!

Whenever a re-take is advised, a director can simply “cut”, a timeline of Take 2 allows selection of where to cut in and resume, all equipment & software systems are precisely aligned, and in one button press the studio session resumes.  All timings are held (and passed to post when/if needed) but pressing “conform” finishes the production immediately, in the studio production recording session.  This saves vast amounts of time and money compared to post production.  It allows sophisticated productions to be executed simply and with greater creative control.  Take 2 naturally adjusts to new operator settings – updating normative values of audio for example. A news magazine anchor will be speaking softer following news of a tragedy – when the audio mixer makes an adjustment it’s memorized in Take 2 - automation assists operators and allows a level of production sophistication that can’t be accomplished manually.   For directors, it makes it extremely easy to cut and re-take scenes while finishing the show in the studio.

Producer rundowns can be brought in from a newsroom system, or, can simply be brought in as Excel spreadsheets, giving great flexibility to serve different types of productions.

A range of productions are well suited to studio automation, including news and sports magazines, talk shows, virtual-set based productions of all types, special effects shots, multi-camera soap operas/telenovas, news and entertainment special productions, awards shows and higher-end corporate productions. 

Explore Aveco’s unique Take 2 Studio Production Automation – you’ll never plan a studio session in the same way again once this remarkable resource begins being used!